Hello! Welcome to jamesdeakin.co.uk. This is the official website of James Deakin, so therefore… the msfan Youtube Channel. I welcome you to my website and I welcome your feedback at any time, it will improve the website!

So, you may be asking what you might find on my website. Here you can see a list of everything that is here… Software (you can find out more about, and download my software), web development (get help creating your new website – WOO!) and my videos (anything to do with my Youtube channel). There is also a private section for myself and various others.

I will be adding a feedback form to the website in the near future, then you’ll be able to tell me what you think. Improvements will be considered and then added when possible. Pages and sections will be updated periodically and, in addition to this, new pages and sections will be added when I feel the need to add them to the website.

To navigate this website, use the buttons at the top of every page. There may be links to more pages on those pages, which are relevant. In addition, there is a links page. The links page contains links to other random website. But please note, I am not responsible for the content of those websites and any complaints about the content should be sent to the owner of the relevant site.

Would you like to learn more about me professionally? Please use the links below to take a look at my Linkedin page and CV. These detail my employment and education history.

Linkedin CV Image Map